I am an artist I am told. More so by others than myself, but I do admit I am not following the same path as “normal” people take. What is normal anyway? Not anybody. So by that very argument…. we are ALL artists. I just happen to claim it as a way to make a living. Some consider me lucky, and I consider myself practiced. Some may say artists are goofy. I say art careers take more intelligence and patience than the critics know.

I have put this website together myself so please be patient with the continual updates. I have found in my experience that the beats of art are always changing, so I am forced to dance to the same drum. I have many more murals to paint so do return often to see new work and films about those works. I have paintings from Boston to Flagstaff. Hundreds of paintings have been completed in my 19 years of painting. I plan to make hundreds more. 

Below you will find favorite projects of mine and personal my blog with thoughts and updates about my adventures.  Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Please do explore as many pages as possible, find some prints or paintings to purchase, and let me know what you think.

 Michael J Mayosky     607-301-1181

PennyLane Bus1995
My first mural I ever painted. (Professionally). A mural that started my career off on a long strange trip. Read about this mural on my PennyLane Page.


The newest mural for PennyLane in Springfield, Illinois.


  A short clip of my current mural to be hung in the spring of 2016. A delight to paint and even more of a delight to display. PennyLane, Springfield, Illinois, 2015 Mural from Michael Mayosky.

A mural for Grand Rapids, Michigan. This painting is meant to inspire for higher thought. The story is can be found here.


A very interesting project and adventure. ArtPrize 2011


"Moonscape", 2013
An acrylic painting of the vastness with romantic mystery of Luna. one of my favorite subjects. See more abstracts on my Abstract page.


"Nature's Daughter", 2006
A painting about the unpredictability of our own minds and the way order always wants chaos. 2006 See more of this painting on my murals page.


A mural completed in a fancy restaurant.
A mural completed in a restaurant. LED reactive and completely magical. More Photos are available on my murals page.


A painting about nature’s flow. Duality is the only truth that is provable in philosophy. Read more about this project on my murals page.

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