“Fare Thee Well”, 2015


“Fare Thee Well” 2015, 8 feet by 5 feet. Acrylic on Canvas. The only live painting done at the last Grateful Dead show. Made of 88,000 hand painted squares.

I wanted to capture the energy of the city that weekend. I wanted to catch the spirit of the shows Hypnotized by the flow and painting the dancing sky around Soldier Field for several evenings was amazing for a performance painter. The colours of the lights and the stars in a clear summer sky. The moon and the music. The venue and the brilliant chaos…. all in this painting. (At least I hope) I am receiving several offers and ideas of what to do with this painting. I just don’t want it to go to the wrong person. I want this painting to go to a true fan of the Dead.


These final evenings resurrected from twenty years ago means so much to so many. A person who will always hold the scene and music dear to their soul should get this painting.

So I drove this work to the Capital Theater in New York. The reasons? This was one of Jerry’s favorite places to play, The cat who through the Fare Thee Well show owns the Theater. I wanted to say thank you for letting me paint at the show! Lastly, I think Pete Shapiro would appreciate the work. And he would know what to do with the painting so everybody can see it.

“Fare Thee Well”, 2015

Every numbered archival print comes with a certificate of authenticity and will be delivered within two weeks. 100.00 Poster prints will be delivered within two weeks for 20.00

Fare Thee Well

One thought on ““Fare Thee Well”, 2015

  1. Hey brother man. What can an old friend do to get my hands on one of these prints. This would go great in my new house.

    Give me a call today
    Love you brother

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