Purchase Work

If you would like to purchase prints, original work, or request a bid on a mural, please contact me by the links below or by clicking here.

Here are some important points to consider before commissioning paintings.  

    • Different work requires different bids. Portraits can run between 200.00 USD to 1000.00 USD. Murals can be more, ranging from 500.00 USD to 20,000 USD.  
    • The process I follow in commissions is an intimate process. I would find out what you are visualizing for what your mural or canvas painting will become by talking via phone/email/in-person. Communication is key for good work in a timely fashion. So be prepared to dive into your ideas and work with my suggestions. Remember that anything is possible if done correctly.
    • Time is important. Some projects can take a few hours, and some several months. So please consider what time frame you wish your work to be completed.
    • Prints of different paintings can be purchased of only select paintings. The List is always updating to new available work, so check back often by clicking here
You can contact Michael at these three points below.