Performance Paintings

I couldn’t resist painting at Capital Hill.

This page is dedicated to my many performance painting works. Scroll down to see my favorite ones posted. I use a spinning canvas that brings motion and another dimension to a two dimensional art. The best way to describe this process is it is like dancing with the work.

I found many years ago that I liked the speed and the motion that a rotating canvas can provide. As a child, I would draw upside down and every angle between. This helped me get better perspectives on my work.

If you get a chance to come see me paint with some musical group, please say hello. I would be glad to show you my easle and anwser any questions you might have.

There are new gigs all the time, so check back often for more work and updates.

A list of past musicians, DJs, and Festivals I have painted with.

  • Willie Nelson
  • Beat’s Antique
  • Bonnaroo Music Festival
  • SummerCamp Music Festival
  • EOTO
  • Moe
  • Jaik Willis
  • B.B. King
  • Pretty Lights
  • Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra
  • Vince Herman
  • Cornmeal
Jaik Willis, 2009
A painting of my friend, the ever amazing Jaik Willis at SummerCamp Music Festival, 2009


Dre 2011
Inspired by an awesome DJ I have painted with, SuperDre’.


For France, 2015
A painting I made in New York. Purchased by the Mayor of New York and given to France as a gift. To read the story of this adventure, please follow this link.


Fractal Tree, 2015
Painted at the last Grateful Dead Show in Chicago, 2015.


A painting of a great musician and a supporter of the arts, Matt Bellamy.
A painting of a great musician and a supporter of the arts, Matt Bellamy.