You can contact Michael at these three points below. Michael can be reserved for caricature events, performance painting, and performance planning. You can contact Michael at the links below or leave a comment. Rates vary per hour according to the work required. I ask that an event must have at least 42 day notice before the planned event, but some exceptions can be made. If you have an inquiry for a mural, please feel free to write me the details. 

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One thought on “Email/Telephone/Networks

  1. Michael, your paintings are really awesome. But I discovered you because your Jerry Garcia Drawing comes up right above mine when you search that phrase on YouTube. Please check it out if you can (it’s very cool and lifelike). I have two questions for you. 1. Did you get a license to use the song in the background? 2. How do you get a bunch of views? I think yours is at about 1800 or so. And after looking at your site, it kind of clears up the second question a little. You are clearly doing some awesome stuff. I think I do amazing pencil work I’m just trying to figure out how to get it out there. Check out my site if you can – keep up the great work.

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