I am an artist I am told. More so by others than myself, but I do admit I am not following the same path as “normal” people take. What is normal anyway? Not anybody. So by that very argument…. we are ALL artists. I just happen to claim it as a way to make a living. Some consider me lucky, and I consider myself practiced. Some may say artists are goofy. I say art careers take more intelligence and patience than the critics know.

I have put this website together myself so please be patient with the continual updates. I have found in my experience that the beats of art are always changing, so I am forced to dance to the same drum. I have many more murals to paint so do return often to see new work and films about those works. I have paintings from Boston to Flagstaff. Hundreds of paintings have been completed in my 19 years of painting. I plan to make hundreds more. 

Below you will find favorite projects of mine and personal my blog with thoughts and updates about my adventures.  Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Please do explore as many pages as possible, find some prints or paintings to purchase, and let me know what you think.

 Michael J Mayosky     607-301-1181

The newest mural for Penny Lane in Springfield, Illinois.


PennyLane, Springfield, Illinois, 2015 Mural from Michael Mayosky on Vimeo.

A mural for Grand Rapids, Michigan. This painting is meant to inspire for higher thought. The story is here.
















A very interesting project and adventure.













A painting about nature’s flow 

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Painting New York

So often I wish I had some real inspired time with like minded people. And I found that inspiration in Manhattan. A city alive. A city with energy. A city with ten million room-mates. And that is what it feels like. A lot of room-mates you live with but only talk to so often. Too busy….but I like it.   I painted several paintings here while I explored the city. NYU was my home base and Washington Square Park was my muse.

I have about ten paintings I had made here but I will post this one first.   This painting is for sale and I know of eight offers so far. So please get a hold of me quick! I leave for Illinois today. Lots to do there and after that is done? I plan on being back in the Big Apple in The spring. This painting was done in little brush strokes. Pointillism is the style and New York my subject.

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 36 inches by 42 inches.

If you would like to buy this painting? Please call or text me at 217-761-4155. You can also reach me at

I have five interested buyers at this point.  First one who calls and offers the best price? Gets the painting. :)

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New York, November, 2015

Let me start by saying I have never been to New York till this trip. God knows I have tried several times to go, but was thwarted by obstacles and set backs. I was just not meant to go just yet.

Till now…

I had met two travelers from Australia and Scotland who invited me to come with them. I decided that now was the time to take up such an offer for a shared adventure. Without thinking too hard about it. My daughter is grown and my time is a little more free for farther adventures. I put all things aside to take this trip. For my mental and spiritual health…. I needed an adventure. The politics of Illinois had taken bites out of my soul. They know how to kill artists in Illinois. No doubt.

So the adventure started with Moi, a Scottish blues singer named Jamima, a lovely Australian bass player named Charlotte, and Ping, (my Shi Tzu).

Off we were….




Now upon arriving in DC on our way to New York, I managed to take these two ladies around a little. Their close friend hosted us and took us to the Capitol area. A beautiful building under some standard renovation.  The scaffolding on the white dome was interesting to look at and gave a industrial feel to the classic structure. The Washington monument is no slouch either.  The rest of the city aside….I had to go to the Lincoln Memorial just to say hello to my old friend Abe.


I had to bring my Little Lincoln Number 104 to the Monument!



DC is a lovely town and I will always return to see the people and energy. The sense of motion fills the streets in DC. Painting there is always a treat. The feel of that city is like entering into a shared history. I collective force for purpose. Either good or bad…they are both in DC…but still….change is in the cherry blossoms.


The last I was in DC is 2007 for an environmental rally Called PowerShift. A life changing experience for sure. I have a film I made of that adventure and will share it again one day. It was moving the younger generation towards actual lobbying as opposed to protest in the quest for more responsible attitudes towards our planet. A very smart idea and I hope it sticks. I feel it has.

I will return to Washington soon enough.


Now to New York City….

The Big Apple

The MAIN reason I came to New York was to deliver a painting to The Capital Theater. I am taking my Jerry Garcia painting to the theater to have them hang it up. See the previous post to read that story. The second reason was to just see the city. To paint it’s energy. To hear the languages, and to be in it. Basking in New York as an artist.

I went around the Jazz clubs drawing caricatures. Meeting the locals and generally having a fantastic time. My travel companions had two friends meeting them in NYC and staying in a dope apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Which happens to be the mural capitol of the region. Perfect for me to land here with my lift truck/spaceship. Learning this, I went around snapping pictures of the Bushwick Collective Mural Project. The city had arranged to have the best Graffiti artists and Muralists from around the world come and paint…and paint they did. On every wall…on every sign…on every corner. Covered in fantastic art,

I found my new place. A new inspired experience. A new place where I know nobody and only a couple of people know me.


Being I have a lift truck, I was approached by a savvy young man who used to paint Graff himself. He wanted some sign work done and knew how to get me in to the the circles with The Bushwick Collective. Being a muralist helps…and owning my own lift truck helps more. Nooklyn is the name of this young philanthropist’s company and they find apartments for people with a computer app he envisioned.

Helping paint a new sign in Brooklyn

“I want to eliminate brokers”, he said… With the idea he has? He most certainly will. Look them up at and support a new young start-up. You might find a place in New York.

I then went into Manhattan. To paint at Washington Square park and find my old friend Joe Mangrum the sand artist. He is usually in the park making wonderful art out of sand by hand….and then it washes away. I was told by the locals in Greenwich Village that he is a local hero and legend! Cool. Eventually I saw him painting in the Square. I was delighted and moved by his tenacity. That inspires me most… audacious people who keep going.

I went to painting the Arch in Washington Square. I was told it was a replica of the original in Paris, France. And on this night they were having a vigil for the victims of the terrorist attack on France. I ponder and send positive for the families from all sides of these ludicrous actions. It will get better one day. I truly believe that.  I knew I was standing on some sacred ground that day. So I made sure the painting was on point.

Painting in Washington Square Park

Using my spinning easel, I was painting in my favorite style of painting currently,  (little squares). I  like the way they build a work. One piece at a time. Talking to people as I paint, I ended up really enjoying my night. Feeling the energy around.  New York is a living city. A moving energy. A city of the world. So I wanted to capture that electricity.

I was approached by several people about purchasing the painting and made some friends for sure. I was debating on who to sell it to and just about when I was going to call one potential client back the next day about delivery? I got a call from the Mayor of NYC’s office. They wanted the painting to give to the French people in respect of their support and sympathy after the recent terror attacks. New York can relate to this. Same as so many other nations.

I was blown away. Not even 6 days into my first time in New York and my little painting is being given to a Nation from New York itself. I came to NYC to make some things happen. I guess I did. I would have been happy with selling the work for New York prices! :) BUT this? This is an honor. This is a once in a lifetime experience.


I delivered the painting to their offices and found myself in the middle of a photo shoot with me, my pup, and the painting. My first one too. Very interesting experience a photo shoot. The photographer was great and Ping was not marking every chair in the city office. I asked if I should clean up some of my road scruff, because I have traveled far and living in the van with my Shi Tzu in Brooklyn is a bit rough. But they got the full artists character. They insisted I did no such thing. Called me “perfect”. HA! I am dying to see the photos.

I am still here and hope to see a little more of New York. I for sure have got a Cinderella story to share with my grand kids and not to mention? My painting is going to France.

I am honored.

I also had the chance to paint at the Blue Note Jazz Club in Manhattan. Of course I painted the cover of the John Coltrane album recorded at the same place in the late 60′s. It was one of those paintings I knew I had to paint. I hit the ground running in New York, and I owe it to two traveling girls who had wanderlust in their eyes.

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Grateful Dead Show 2015

This past weekend was an amazing time for me. I went to the last Grateful Dead show in Chicago and painted my butt off. The show was amazing and just like 1995 again. I just hoped the feeling would stay.

Rock Star parking!!!!

To start….I had no ticket to the show. Nor did I have a vending permit. I did however have the gumption and ambition to go anyway. I was at the last show Jerry Garcia played at in 1995 at the very same venue. This was my one and only Grateful Dead show. So there was no way in God’s green Earth, I would miss the reunion and last GD show. I was able to see the Grateful Dead in 1995 because of my very first mural client. A guy named Joe owned a head shop called PennyLane. You can find the story of this mural here.

I got my van packed with new canvas and a new spinning easel I built to handle a much larger frame. So I stretched up a five by eight foot canvas and primed it thick with white paint. Got a few friends to help and packed up my pup and hit 55 north for Chicago. I had no idea what would happen or if I would get this small art army into the show….but it was the last Dead show. I had to try….

We brought our own generator for music and lights.

When we got there at 5 AM, there was nobody around Soldier Field. Just the maintenance crews cleaning up for the full day of people ahead. The sun had not risen yet but the early morning blue was in the sky. Only sanitary and construction workers see this time of day. I have a lift truck and slipped through the gates easily. I mean, who stops the cable guy? Nobody. We were getting deep into the venue with no resistance.

I found a spot right next to the stadium itself. An empty spot on the lawn next to the food vendors seemed as good a spot as any, so I parked Vincent (the van), and geared the crew to building our camp. I knew if we had everything set up for painting before the venue management found us, the more likely we would be able to stay. We just had to look like we were SUPPOSED to be there.

When the nine o’clock hour approached we got our first visit from management. They were confused how we got in so easily but they did not ask us to leave.

Then the second official asked who asked us there. I gave the standard confusing name dropping which showed this openly more aggressive guy that my connections were outside his call. So we were still not told to leave.

Every time they sent another higher ranked manager I had more names pulled from Google to drop. Eventually by noon they sent somebody from the show promoter’s crew.  He came to confront me on why and how I was there. So I said I was invited. “By who?”, he asked. I said I had no idea, but I was supposed to be there. Amazingly this worked. They let me stay. And paint. I had rock star parking and the masters of the party were cool for me to stay. Kudos to Peter Shapiro for letting an artist stay to paint the music. Ken Kesey would be proud.


I was inspired to say the least :)


“Fractal Tree”. A painting I did at The Fare Thee Well Show at Soldier Field.

I went to painting and meeting new friends. It was awesome. No rain. Blue skies. Great vibes. Great music. Great energy to paint with. The lift worked like a champ. It was a great weekend to say the least.

Being the Fourth of July, there was no shortage of fireworks from the Navy Pier and countless other spots throughout downtown Chicago. It was the best Fourth I could have had. The music was fantastic and the energy from twenty years of fans missing the old Dead scene built up to a magical weekend.

I saw old friends and got to paint while listening to memorable music live just over my canvas. How could it be more inspiring for an artist? I wish I could have taken my 18 year old daughter to this event. Perfect concert for generations to share similar interests. A perfect show for showing the next youth in line where so many of them came from.

Late Saturday night I was still painting after everybody left. I was allowed to stay in the stadium area to keep working. I blasted my music and fell into the flow. Around three a.m. I noticed a small group of people in the area lighting a paper lantern to float away over Lake Michigan. I walked over with my pup Ping to watch.

By the time I had gotten close, they lit a second Chinese lamp and watched it quietly rise above the city and drift over the lake. It was a very moving. No words were spoken. Just some tears.

I was standing with them sending off their personal “Fare Thee Well”. I was blessed to be there. To see this alone with no crowds. No fans. No music.  Just the wind taking these floating flames into the stars. Then they quietly went back in the stage door. It was heavy.

I was even more inspired at this point.

Painting from that sweet spot at the venue, one painting captured the weekend best.

“Fare Thee Well” 2015, 8 feet by 5 feet. Acrylic on Canvas. The only live painting done at the last Grateful Dead show. Made of 88,000 hand painted squares.

I wanted to capture the energy of the city that weekend. I wanted to catch the spirit of the shows Hypnotized by the flow and painting the dancing sky around Soldier Field for several evenings was amazing for a performance painter. The colours of the lights and the stars in a clear summer sky. The moon and the music. The venue and the brilliant chaos…. all in this painting. (At least I hope)

I am receiving several offers and ideas of what to do with this painting. I just don’t want it to go to the wrong person. I want this painting to go to a true fan of the Dead. These final evenings resurrected from twenty years ago means so much to so many. A person who will always hold the scene and music dear to their soul should get this painting.

Prints of these paintings can be found at this link. This painting is currently for sale at this link.

Overall a mission success and exactly what I needed for my spirit.

Thank you Jerry. You are missed by millions.



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Coming back to life….

I had recently had some awesome changes come to my life. After several years of being held back by my own limitations set by my own issues. Issues set into my mental by my own fears. I had come to think they were supposed to be in me. I had not even noticed that they were not natural. A man after so much time on his own starts to think that he is set and no changes could take shape. No new habits could fom in the solid shape of his character. I have come to learn in my young life…this presumption is not true. A person no matter how old or young… Can change dramatically. Positively and deeply. So with this new lesson, I have learned to be better at me.

So with this new info about my inner self… I will see the world with new eyes.


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Protected: Moving forward… Never Straight to the Flowers

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Turning off Social Media

This is a subject that most cannot do. Turn off and deactivate your social media. Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, etc… There are so many, and quite frankly, I am about tired of the confusion that comes with them. The confusion and drama started in one’s mind about a post to another, about a message or a “like” that was on some picture. It breaks my heart to see so many great friendships and relationships end and sometimes not even start because of these counter-intuitive mediums of communication.

I suggest to turn off the FaceSpace for a spell or two. It does wonders for your friendships with REAL people and you might just actually meet that special person without the filter of vanity and narcissism that is way to acceptable these days. I feel very saddened by the nature of what people use to judge each other now. That nature is of man, for man, by man. So it is fouled from the very inception.

Turn it off. Please.

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Gearing up for an Adventure…

I am about to go on a very intense adventure. It will be my pup, myself, and my very ample and always trusted lift truck named Vincent VanGo. Although I am really at ease with my abilities to paint, I am a little nervous about the project. I am about to expel an amazing amount of energy and focus on one wall that will be a challenge in itself. There will also be a very critical and captive audience throughout the entire process. I like that energy though. I have never had stage fright since my first play in 6th grade. An audience is exactly what feeds the experience for me… it nourishes the growth of my work.

So I will be poised for some really great energy and work to challenge myself with. But something is missing. Something important. I know it is something inside me. In my world. I was looking, but I know not how or where to find it.  So I stopped, and it may just show up after all.

This “thing” that is missing in me is a passion I had hidden from myself for some time now. So much so, I almost forgot where I put it. Then you look for something else and you find the first thing you wanted but let go of seeking. Look for a sock, and find those keys you spent 300 dollars to replace two months ago, (that sort of thing). Well I believe I have found what I lost so long ago.

So now I will use this energy I recently discovered to create. I will let this inspired movement in me to use me as well. I intend to be symbiotic with the muse this time. Not her owner, and not her slave. I hope we work out very well indeedy.

So let’s make a good mural to last the ages that will be a gift for so many in my mind, but only to one in my heart.

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Coffee Mugs.

The coffee mugs are FINALLY ready from the Campaign that raised money to fix the lift. Being there are so many to mail, I have had to mail them out slowly and surely. It is a lot of work to mail order things! I had no idea… I see why there is a shipping cost now!

Please expect these little guys to arrive shortly if you ordered one, and if you are interested in having one and you did not donate to the cause? Awesome! I will be selling them for 16.00. Signed by me on the bottom and ready to ship in the next few weeks.

A link to a page will be made, and please check back for more designs.

This is a new realm for me as an artist to make ‘product’. I know it is needed to keep the habit going.. but bare with a painter who knows little about shipping. ;)

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Protected: Inner Pain

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