I am an artist I am told. More so by others than myself, but I do admit I am not following the same path as “normal” people take. What is normal anyway? Not anybody. So by that very argument…. we are ALL artists. I just happen to claim it as a way to make a living. Some consider me lucky, and I consider myself practiced. Some may say artists are goofy. I say art careers take more intelligence and patience than the critics know.

I have put this website together myself so please be patient with the continual updates. I have found in my experience that the beats of art are always changing, so I am forced to dance to the same drum. I have many more murals to paint so do return often to see new work and films about those works. I have paintings from Boston to Flagstaff. Hundreds of paintings have been completed in my 19 years of painting. I plan to make hundreds more. 

Below you will find my blog with thoughts and updates about my adventures. Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Please do explore as many pages as possible, find some prints or paintings to purchase, and let me know what you think.

 Michael J Mayosky

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Grateful Dead Show 2015

"Fare Thee Well", 2015

This past weekend was an amazing time for me. I went to the last Grateful Dead show in Chicago and painted my butt off. The show was amazing and just like 1995 again. I just hoped the feeling would stay. … Read the rest of this entry

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Coming back to life….

I had recently had some awesome changes come to my life. After several years of being held back by my own limitations set by my own issues. Issues set into my mental by my own fears. I had come to think they were supposed to be in me. I had not even noticed that they were not natural. A man after so much time on his own starts to think that he is set and no changes could take shape. No new habits could fom in the solid shape of his character. I have come to learn in my young life…this presumption is not true. A person no matter how old or young… Can change dramatically. Positively and deeply. So with this new lesson, I have learned to be better at me.

So with this new info about my inner self… I will see the world with new eyes.


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Protected: Moving forward… Never Straight to the Flowers

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Turning off Social Media

This is a subject that most cannot do. Turn off and deactivate your social media. Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, etc… There are so many, and quite frankly, I am about tired of the confusion that comes with them. The confusion and drama started in one’s mind about a post to another, about a message or a “like” that was on some picture. It breaks my heart to see so many great friendships and relationships end and sometimes not even start because of these counter-intuitive mediums of communication.

I suggest to turn off the FaceSpace for a spell or two. It does wonders for your friendships with REAL people and you might just actually meet that special person without the filter of vanity and narcissism that is way to acceptable these days. I feel very saddened by the nature of what people use to judge each other now. That nature is of man, for man, by man. So it is fouled from the very inception.

Turn it off. Please.

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Gearing up for an Adventure…

I am about to go on a very intense adventure. It will be my pup, myself, and my very ample and always trusted lift truck named Vincent VanGo. Although I am really at ease with my abilities to paint, I am a little nervous about the project. I am about to expel an amazing amount of energy and focus on one wall that will be a challenge in itself. There will also be a very critical and captive audience throughout the entire process. I like that energy though. I have never had stage fright since my first play in 6th grade. An audience is exactly what feeds the experience for me… it nourishes the growth of my work.

So I will be poised for some really great energy and work to challenge myself with. But something is missing. Something important. I know it is something inside me. In my world. I was looking, but I know not how or where to find it.  So I stopped, and it may just show up after all.

This “thing” that is missing in me is a passion I had hidden from myself for some time now. So much so, I almost forgot where I put it. Then you look for something else and you find the first thing you wanted but let go of seeking. Look for a sock, and find those keys you spent 300 dollars to replace two months ago, (that sort of thing). Well I believe I have found what I lost so long ago.

So now I will use this energy I recently discovered to create. I will let this inspired movement in me to use me as well. I intend to be symbiotic with the muse this time. Not her owner, and not her slave. I hope we work out very well indeedy.

So let’s make a good mural to last the ages that will be a gift for so many in my mind, but only to one in my heart.

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Coffee Mugs.

The coffee mugs are FINALLY ready from the Campaign that raised money to fix the lift. Being there are so many to mail, I have had to mail them out slowly and surely. It is a lot of work to mail order things! I had no idea… I see why there is a shipping cost now!

Please expect these little guys to arrive shortly if you ordered one, and if you are interested in having one and you did not donate to the cause? Awesome! I will be selling them for 16.00. Signed by me on the bottom and ready to ship in the next few weeks.

A link to a page will be made, and please check back for more designs.

This is a new realm for me as an artist to make ‘product’. I know it is needed to keep the habit going.. but bare with a painter who knows little about shipping. ;)

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Protected: Inner Pain

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An Octopus Garden

YEs, this is a mural based on the famous Ringo song.

I was approached by an old freind and supporter to make this mural on his property in the heart of Springfield. He has a garden, a skate park, (the world’s oldest), bee hives with dope honey, and several punk rock shows going on at random times. There are more details to George’s life, but he deserves a book. I am sure he will be a great addition to the history of this town.. so I would do anything he asked… he has helped me so many times. He also is one of the most stand up and honest guys I know. The fact he trusts and likes me says more for me than I could ever.

Being that I have my own lift now, I am able to make several murals in a very fast and proficient way.  So while I am making my historic mural for the city, I head over to Skank Skates to work on this when it is too hot to work on the others. Plus he and his girlfriend feed me the best food grown from the garden they tend in the middle of town.

Here is a picture of the painting so far. I will be done with this mural this week and hope to have prints available when I have time to get a good photo.

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Painting A Horse and Carriage From 1910, Springfield

I love painting horses and in all my years of painting them, I never grow tired of these creatures.

I was asked by a freind to paint a scene from Springfield that took place in her current restaurant, but from over 1oo years ago. Seems that Julia’s Kitchen was a laundry facility way back in the day, and they delivered the cloths by horse and carriage. Pretty neat, so I thought I would like to do it.

Although it is not a very large mural, it is facing our State Capitol not 200 yards away. I am very much enjoying this work just for that honor.

I decided to make this one both black and white and colour. The background and “past” will be in distant fuzzy grey tones, while the creature and carriage will be stepping out of the scene in full spectrum. So far so good. I have been painting this on the side so not to rush the work and to focus on a major project. I take a few breaks from that wall to do this one.

I will post the works when I am finished and there will be prints of this mural upon completion. Stay tuned!

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