I am an artist I am told. More so by others than myself, but I do admit I am not following the same path as “normal” people take. What is normal anyway? Not anybody. So by that very argument…. we are ALL artists. I just happen to claim it as a way to make a living. Some consider me lucky, and I consider myself practiced. Some may say artists are goofy. I say art careers take more intelligence and patience than the critics know.

I have put this website together myself so please be patient with the continual updates. I have found in my experience that the beats of art are always changing, so I am forced to dance to the same drum. I have many more murals to paint so do return often to see new work and films about those works. I have paintings from Boston to Flagstaff. Hundreds of paintings have been completed in my 19 years of painting. I plan to make hundreds more. 

Below you will find my blog with thoughts and updates about my adventures. Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Please do explore as many pages as possible, find some prints or paintings to purchase, and let me know what you think.

 Michael J Mayosky

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An Octopus Garden

YEs, this is a mural based on the famous Ringo song.

I was approached by an old freind and supporter to make this mural on his property in the heart of Springfield. He has a garden, a skate park, (the world’s oldest), bee hives with dope honey, and several punk rock shows going on at random times. There are more details to George’s life, but he deserves a book. I am sure he will be a great addition to the history of this town.. so I would do anything he asked… he has helped me so many times. He also is one of the most stand up and honest guys I know. The fact he trusts and likes me says more for me than I could ever.

Being that I have my own lift now, I am able to make several murals in a very fast and proficient way.  So while I am making my historic mural for the city, I head over to Skank Skates to work on this when it is too hot to work on the others. Plus he and his girlfriend feed me the best food grown from the garden they tend in the middle of town.

Here is a picture of the painting so far. I will be done with this mural this week and hope to have prints available when I have time to get a good photo.

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Painting A Horse and Carriage From 1910, Springfield

I love painting horses and in all my years of painting them, I never grow tired of these creatures.

I was asked by a freind to paint a scene from Springfield that took place in her current restaurant, but from over 1oo years ago. Seems that Julia’s Kitchen was a laundry facility way back in the day, and they delivered the cloths by horse and carriage. Pretty neat, so I thought I would like to do it.

Although it is not a very large mural, it is facing our State Capitol not 200 yards away. I am very much enjoying this work just for that honor.

I decided to make this one both black and white and colour. The background and “past” will be in distant fuzzy grey tones, while the creature and carriage will be stepping out of the scene in full spectrum. So far so good. I have been painting this on the side so not to rush the work and to focus on a major project. I take a few breaks from that wall to do this one.

I will post the works when I am finished and there will be prints of this mural upon completion. Stay tuned!

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…We all know some… hell sometimes we are the idiots. However, one thing I know that I am not an idiot in is the rights to my work. The rights to my time, and the rights to my future. I have had to paint for really cheap just to get stuff up. And when you do that? You get treated like you are cheap.

In all the years of painting I have had, i have never had such trouble till I came to Springfield, Illinois. This is a town that fancies itself to be able to play by it’s own rules. The corruption and the cliquish behavior is terrible.  These are grown adults who are in the bisiness world who feel they have the right to spread slander and lies just because you disagree with them. And don’t ever show them where they are wrong.. oh buddy… then you are in for a real treat. They will not stop at making you suffer for showing them their faults.

In my experience with painting the Lincoln murals for the town that has an audience that loves the work, but a core group of politicians who want to take your worth and own whatever you do as an artist. In this adventure I have learned to know that people are willing to steal just because Abe Lincoln is attached.

Not all the people who live here are terrible. In fact I would say 99 percent are awesome, trusting, respectful people who have supported me for years. However they have a few that will ignore the talent in front of them and not allow the artists here to live like respectable people.

Well, this artist will not let that happen. This artist will fight for his work and the good living my daughter is due. I am tired from painting for way to little for way too long.

In a way, I am flattered I am being seen as such a threat to these few negative people. I know I am making headway and leaving an impression on these souls. An impression that this town will not likely forget for many years to come.

Rant Over.

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Making Vincent VanGo

We had success with fixing the lift, final components are being added. We will be posting pictures of the mayhem soon. Never have I seen such a complicated machine.

Vincent’s new paint job will be very simple. We will be keeping his body white while painting the mechanics of the lift in primary colors. Although he is not fuel-efficent, he will be used extensively for the next five years.

Stay tuned…

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Learning to Deal with Success….

…can be a tough beast to slay. Opportunity can be the greatest burden at times. Once your goal is to climb one ladder, you reach the top and there is another ladder, (usually), you find that you want to rest and enjoy where you got. What you have is a better and better view and equally painful and further fall to endure if you should falter. So is the view you gained worth promised death to your career and achievements if you should risk going higher? Should I just stay at one level and enjoy where I am, how I am, what I am… now.

Confusing? Maybe. I am dealing with these very topics in my growth as a “painter” to a “muralist”. Still titles all the same. The view is great, yes,  but I want new challenges. My very bones crave the site of new landscapes and paintings to be made to reflect what I have seen. On the other hand, the total responsibility of going higher is daunting at times. How I get through those impossibles barriers is by simply not believing there is a barrier to deal with. My mental makes the tools to scale this problem. Not always do these tools work. So impromptu ideas are created. An adventure of sorts is what my inner art muse seeks. So my experience as a muralist has had a real crazy ride so far. I have enjoyed most of it. MOST of it.

In a nutshell? I am ready to climb the next ladder.

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Painting a Ceiling….

… is considered by most painters as the hardest and most dreaded to undertake. I myself do enjoy the challenge. Not only do I get the chance to paint one of my favorite and therapeutic images to create, but I get to push my body to extremes. This type of painting is practice for larger walls and surfaces.  I respect any artist that undertakes a cloud painting on any ceiling.

I happen to like the chance to stretch and twist. Knowing my body still works top notch pushes me to do more. Granted… I am not as young as I used to be, but I seem to still have no issues with my back or arms. The only pain I feel is the broken bone from two years ago still haunting my right wrist. This set back does a terrible job at stopping me though. I still use the arm and still do my stretches. I expect to have full mobility in three years.

Here is a taste of the ceiling I am wrapping up this week. I will add this to one of my favorite ceilings to paint. Not only did I get the chance to hide some animals in the clouds for the three year old girl who lives in this house, but I also got to know a very awesome family. To have my work in their home is an honor.

Bending backwards is the hard part to painting ceilings. Not to mention the drips of paint in your face. I do like the cloud effect despite the positions needed to paint them.

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Bidding on Potential Work…

As an Artist, I am always looking at blank walls. I see so many possibilities in all kinds of surfaces naturally. If I had one ‘talent’, it would be how to make something 3D on a 2D surface. Even then there is angles and corners to deal with…. It is a challenge to me to make corners “disappear”.

The Businessman in me sees a whole other aspect to walls. He sees the possibility of failure… in all the walls that the artist sees success. So to balance between the two is a challenge in it’s self. the Businessman in me knows that the Artist cannot paint all the walls and canvas he wants… so the Artist must listen to the business man more than he likes.

As I am seeking my work for the year across the country? I am reminded to pick the right walls. To pick the ones that are going to succeed in completion, and to pick the ones the Artist picks for a challenge.

No easy task. I will be posting some pictures of this year’s work so far. I do believe I may have outdone myself. Please stay tuned!

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Help Make Vincent VanGo…

We got him fixed! There sre still some little things to do to the vehical before sending him out on the road, so If you missed the Campaign deadline to help out, and you still want to…this is your chance to help. Please click this donate link if you would like to contribute. Thank you for your support and faith. Artists are not anything without patrons!

Vincent VanGo

Please look over the perks at the Indigogo Canpaign Page and input a donation the same amount as the perk you would like listed. We will be immediately in touch with you via email to arrange your choice and delivery!


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Making the year count…

There are so many chances to shine in my work… and I have to be very selective at times. I wish I could take every chance I get at every wall, but this is not possible. I am just one person. I may have big plans for lots of projects, but all will fail unless I choose the right ones.

I have lots of promising gigs falling into my lap this year… Although I am planning on only taking three of the five offered so far, I have some I really want.

I will be posting more of my plans soon… so stay tuned. There are lots of murals to paint, and I am ready to paint the world.



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