I am an artist I am told. More so by others than myself, but I do admit I am not following the same path as “normal” people take. What is normal anyway? Not anybody. So by that very argument…. we are ALL artists. I just happen to claim it as a way to make a living. Some consider me lucky, and I consider myself practiced. Some may say artists are goofy. I say art careers take more intelligence and patience than the critics know.

I have put this website together myself so please be patient with the continual updates. I have found in my experience that the beats of art are always changing, so I am forced to dance to the same drum. I have many more murals to paint so do return often to see new work and films about those works. I have paintings from Boston to Flagstaff. Hundreds of paintings have been completed in my 17 years of painting. I plan to make hundreds more. 

Below you will find my blog with thoughts and updates about my adventures. Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Please do explore as many pages as possible, find some prints or paintings to purchase, and let me know what you think.

 Michael J Mayosky

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Making the year count…

There are so many chances to shine in my work… and I have to be very selective at times. I wish I could take every chance I get at every wall, but this is not possible. I am just one person. I may have big plans for lots of projects, but all will fail unless I choose the right ones.

I have lots of promising gigs falling into my lap this year… Although I am planning on only taking three of the five offered so far, I have some I really want.

I will be posting more of my plans soon… so stay tuned. There are lots of murals to paint, and I am ready to paint the world.



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Helping to fix Vincent VanGo.

This is a rough winter… no doubt about it. One of the roughest I have seen in a life. So with that said… there is no need to assume it has not been rough on everybody in the U.S., but I am reaching out to the general public to help get my lift fixed so when the warm weather is upon us… The man-lift, named Vincent can be ready.

After weeks of waiting to get the snow gone and the temps above 50 degrees… the days of Spring are almost upon us. So I made a Crowd-Funding campaign with Indiegogo. A very cool way to get the world involved with projects.

If you have the time and a little extra to help some muralists get their lift fixed? We would adore you forever. You can check out the link here and see if you wanna help out.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Making headway…

What does the word headway mean anyway? Head-way…. I guess it means the head has more room? And if that is the case? That means that you have more chances at making yopur ideas take shape. As an artist? Making one’s ideas into reality is the point. The point to the starving, to the sacrifice, to the very definition of what an “artist” is. That is a person who will do whatever it takes to get the idea and breath of inspiration into a living form. Be it a mural, song, poem, story, or any idea that the vrain has conjured into being.

So making “head-way” is the hardest part of an artist’s daily grind. It is this concept that takes the longest and the most energy. Making the room to have some ability to experiment and to move naturally through a project, (this is the element of work for me). The painting is the easy part… the environment fostering the creative juices is 90 percent of the mental time spent for me at least. And that very thought makes me squirm.

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Painting a Tropical Scene in the Cold of Winter…

It never fails. Every year, I paint at least one tropical mural for a client. I do believe I have painted more palm trees than anything else in my life. Not that I mind so much, but I have learned how to paint a palm tree better than anything else I paint.

I am finishing up a mural at a Double Tree Hotel located in Illinois. This mural is located in the indoor pool room to my delight. So all this past very cold winter, I have taken my time to make this one extra special. Not to mention I have been taking a dip or two while it is freezing cold outside.

If you ever find yourself at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Hotel, take a stroll down to the pool room. Relax and check out my work. I have hidden many things in the clouds to tell a little story about my winter of 2013/2014. A very long and cold winter indeed.

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Protecting Yourself as an Artist and a Business Minded Person…

Management? Paint? Send emails all day? Paint? Write potential clients online and in person? Or Paint?

These are the questions I ask myself all the time. I am but one person trying to make art that means something to somebody, but to often the need to sustain the body in a world that sees artists unknown as non-successes, it can be hard to feel free in spirit to be creative. (The Starving artist bit does not have to be true of all creative people). So payment is a hustle. And the only way to make work to make my living, I have to manage properly to get new clients. And pick the right ones too.

I can’t do both at the same time. And colorful ways to manage time has been employed by me. Not always the easiest thing to do, but I do get by with separating my work from my business activity.

I suggest to all artists I meet along the way? I tell them to learn some savvy business techniques and go to some classes on management. I cannot say it enough.

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A Painting of a Brilliant Musician…

Music is the language of the Universe. Music is the physical and harmonic presence of math when ir works. When the numbers add up? They manifest into waves, into time/space, and into sounds. So when I hear music? I move. I move a brush, to music and to math in action.

When a friend tells me of a band to listen to and paint, I keep a keen ear. I know when there is something behind the notes. When the artist made something that speaks, I make something good. I make something new. This is a painting of the lead singer of ‘Muse’, Matt Bellamy. When I first got the commission to listen to the group and paint him, I was turned on to their music immediately.

Thanks to a friend named Patrick, who now owns the painting, for showing me ‘Muse’. I may never had taken the time to listen and paint.

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New Lincoln Prints

Now is a good time to grab up some of the new Lincoln Prints I just made. Limited to only 16 printed. Follow the link below.

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Mural in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Hotel, (Hilton Company)

So far so good on my newest commission. I know I have painted a lot of palm trees and tropical murals. They are the money makers in a way. No matter how slow te art business may be, SOMEBODY out there wants a mural of palm trees. Pictures posted soon.

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