Private Commissions


There is no better site to mine eyes than a blank canvas.

This page is devoted to private commissions of all kinds. Portraits, landscapes, animals, seascapes, abstract, surreal, and more. Over time I will post new works. Please check back often to see more photographs.   I enjoy getting these commissions because I am asked to paint things I have inside my mind. At times I am asked to paint something I would have ever thought to paint. So let me know what you think and I am always open for more work.

“Scheherazade”, 2011. 42×54 inches. Oil.

Scheherazade 2011
A painting about the dream for escape. It only comes in our imaginations. Prints available here.


“Grand Canyon Study”, 2011 36×18 inches.

Grand Canyon Study
A painting of one of my many visits to the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Prints available here.


“Missouri” 2012 24in x 36in x 2in 

An abstract of my home state. 2012

.“iDentity” 2012 96in x 30in x 2in

iDentity, 2012
About the Digital in us All. To purchase a print of this work, click here.


“Longing” 2010 Anonymous buyer.

Performance painting at Summer Camp Music Festival To purchase a print of this work, click here.




One thought on “Private Commissions

  1. I am looking to purchase a colorful piece of Abraham Lincoln. If you have something that may fill my request please let me know. I went to downtown Springfield and found out your gallery is no longer there. Darn.

    Thank you,
    Michelle K Power

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