Caricature Art

Thank you for your business. I hope to make your party more creative and original than expected. Caricatures can make a big hit at various types of events. Well drawn caricatures can make a night your guests will always remember and have a drawing to prove it.

Caricature Artist's Tools
The tools of a traveling Caricature Artist.

Please have your requirements and any special requests for your party theme decided. The parameters of desired work must be set and agreed upon via email or written agreement before deposit is made.  I work at a 111.00 dollars an hour rate for black and white drawings or 142.00 dollars an hour for color. A thirty percent deposit is required to secure the event in my schedule. 





Single Caricature
Single B/W drawings take about five minutes at the most.
Drawing Kids
Kids are great for three or more.
Drawing Couples
Couples are encouraged! They take just over 5 minutes to draw.













I encourage people to have no more than two people per drawing so more people can be drawn, but groups can be done if Michael is notified in advance to bring the properly sized paper. Also remember that I do reserve the right to accept tips unless stated otherwise in prior communication via email or telephone.



Your deposit is refundable under certain circumstances which include the following,

Drawing Animals
Drawing for The Animal Protective League. I rather enjoy drawing animals in caricature form.
  • If I cannot make the event due to situations out of my control, (travel, weather, or emergency).
  • If you cancel your event 30 days or more before the saved date.
  • If our written agreement via correspondence establish otherwise.

    Deposits are NOT refundable under the following circumstances,

  • If you cancel the event within 30 days of the event. My time is saved and scheduled.
  • If the required work is outside a 100 mile range of my current location, you may not receive refund if special travel requirements are needed and scheduled, (travel by airline).
  • If our written agreement via correspondence establish otherwise.

Final remaining balance is due at the end of the event. Payable by all Major Credit Cards, Debit, PayPal, SquareCash, and the always welcome, cash.  Checks can be accepted under certain circumstances written out to  Michael J Mayosky Studios.

Pay deposit here.

Duration of event?
Phone number to be reached at?