Painting New York

So often I wish I had some real inspired time with like minded people. And I found that inspiration in Manhattan. A city alive. A city with energy. A city with ten million room-mates. And that is what it feels like. A lot of room-mates you live with but only talk to so often. Too busy….but I like it.   I painted several paintings here while I explored the city. NYU was my home base and Washington Square Park was my muse.

I have about ten paintings I had made here but I will post this one first.   This painting is for sale and I know of eight offers so far. So please get a hold of me quick! I leave for Illinois today. Lots to do there and after that is done? I plan on being back in the Big Apple in The spring. This painting was done in little brush strokes. Pointillism is the style and New York my subject.

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 36 inches by 42 inches.

If you would like to buy this painting? Please call or text me at 217-761-4155. You can also reach me at

I have five interested buyers at this point.  First one who calls and offers the best price? Gets the painting. 🙂


UPADTE!!! This painting SOLD.

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