Mayosky discussing Lincoln Murals
Talking about my Lincoln murals in Illinois. Photo By Butch Reno.

I’m a K.C., MO, native and over the last 19 years I’ve traveled across the US painting murals and conducting performance art. I have no degrees or juried awards. I never went to school. I just paint…a lot. My murals are in homes, restaurants, waterparks, shops, and on alley walls and building exteriors. Springfield, IL, is currently my home base. It’s right on Route 66 which I’ve worked extensively, painting and filming my adventures. No project is too small or big, no distance too near or far.


Currently I am painting in New York City at the Jazz clubs in the East Village and painting murals in Brooklyn and Manhattan as the walls pop up. I will be entered into ArtPrize 2016 and will be a featured artist at ArtBasel in 2017


Painting is the first thing that felt right for me. At age two I knew I wanted to make a mess on a wall. Murals tell of a shared history and a shared imagination. Histories unearthed for public pondering are my specialty. Much of our reverence for history comes from murals by past civilizations. I am honored and blessed to be brush and paint for today’s world. To see life from the scaffolding, and to imagine others looking through my murals into another time and place, is deeply inspiring.

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