Artist Statement

Hmmm. The ever so complicatedly simple but much regarded “artist statement”. I have never really made a specific statement concerning my work. Perhaps the concept of a statement is seen as a milestone of artistic integrity in an individual’s commitment to their art. My particular artistic skills are in art therapy mixed with adventure and curiosity. That philosophy has taken large amounts of commitment to the final results of an unique mark made in space/time for future human inquisitiveness and history, (and all without a “statement” made or a breath for that matter).

I have found that my reasons for painting, creating ideas, and traveling has changed over the years. One declared intention today, can be meaningless or counter productive tomorrow. This makes an entire new potential for re-inventing the purpose and nature of one’s art and self, everyday.

So the need for an “artistic statement” seems rather foolishly predetermined to me . I make my art according to my daily wants and needs. I can understand that the need for a statement does work for some artists to the advantage of focusing their purpose. Others, not so well. I, being the latter, hope to make focus out of the most blurry of creative endeavors.

At this time, my statement is to keep exploring, keep moving, and keep humility close. I do not know what I may need tomorrow or the next day, (besides health, friends, and grand-kids who laugh a lot). I intend for my work left behind to be my artistic statement after these hands can paint no more. That is when I will make my creative plea for people to ponder if they are curious. After I can create no more. After the work is all completely done. Then I may say my purpose.