Painting in Tennessee.

One thing I love about the south is the air. I do love the sweet tea, the music and the girls, but the air and the sky is so beautiful here. I have only been in the southern parts of the U.S. a few times in my short life. I am here now in Gallatin, Tennessee. I am told this is the most haunted place in America. I happen to be painting in a building built over 150 years ago. I came here to help an old friend get his pizzeria started. He picked a little town that reminds me of Mayberry and the town folk have the coolest accents. This is not very large project, so my time here is limited. I have explored the wooded areas, and some of the town’s history. I hope to get the feeling of Tennessee in this work. Iwill poast the pictures to my sites with the right captions. PLease come to Gallatin Tennessee if you ever want a great pizza and to see some fun mural work.

2 thoughts on “Painting in Tennessee.

  1. Are you painting the walls inside the Suddarth Building? I had no idea it was 150 years old and have not heard that it’s haunted. When is Pizza Machine opening? I live in Gallatin and am excited to try it.

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