Painting a Ceiling….

… is considered by most painters as the hardest and most dreaded to undertake. I myself do enjoy the challenge. Not only do I get the chance to paint one of my favorite and therapeutic images to create, but I get to push my body to extremes. This type of painting is practice for larger walls and surfaces.  I respect any artist that undertakes a cloud painting on any ceiling.

I happen to like the chance to stretch and twist. Knowing my body still works top notch pushes me to do more. Granted… I am not as young as I used to be, but I seem to still have no issues with my back or arms. The only pain I feel is the broken bone from two years ago still haunting my right wrist. This set back does a terrible job at stopping me though. I still use the arm and still do my stretches. I expect to have full mobility in three years.

Here is a taste of the ceiling I am wrapping up this week. I will add this to one of my favorite ceilings to paint. Not only did I get the chance to hide some animals in the clouds for the three year old girl who lives in this house, but I also got to know a very awesome family. To have my work in their home is an honor.

Bending backwards is the hard part to painting ceilings. Not to mention the drips of paint in your face. I do like the cloud effect despite the positions needed to paint them.