Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, ArtPrize is an experimental art competition open to anybody to enter anything they see as art. The actual contest is not important to me, but the huge audience is. I will be entering my 10th year this coming September 2021, so check back to see the plans and progress as the contest draws closer.

Below you can click on the icon and be taken to my galleries of entries.

The Story of my ArtPrize 2010 Entry.
ArtPrize 2010






My Mural at ArtPrize 2010


ArtPrize 2011
ArtPrize 2011






My Performance Painting at ArtPrize 2011


Coming this summer...
ArtPrize 2012 






My Performance Painting at ArtPrize 2012


ArtPrize 2013






My Performance Painting at ArtPrize 2013


ArtPrize 2014






My Mural Painting at ArtPrize 2014


ArtPrize 2015
ArtPrize 2015






My Little Painting at ArtPrize 2015