ArtPrize 2013

These paintings are all very different and all go into the final composition beautifully. Each painting is being sold for 50.00 and come with a print of the final work. Each painting meaasures 11 inches by 11 inches and does not require framing. The prints are on Archival Paper and measure 18 inches by 24 inches. They will be start shipping on the 16th of October. Pictures to be posted soon! Thanks for your support! Check back for more updates!

  The Last day of ArtPrize I added the finishing touches. I am very pleased with this painting. Very unique in process, and it is a style I had practiced for several years. I am glad to conclude these works on this mural. I am moving on in style from these types of paintings now. I hear another calling for my creative flow. Time to change it up.

  As I put the final paintings into the larger work, I had a little trouble finding just the right fit. So a little alteration was done to bring out my daughter’s face into the composition. Over all I am very happy with this painting. I hope all the individual canvases get purchased and spread far and wide. As the title “Love”… I want the same for the painting. Small memories scattered and taken around the globe to reflect in the buyer their own memory of love and the quest to understand why we need love as a survival technique in some ways. In my travels, I have learned that Love comes and goes… but never changes with the children of any said romance. The only true love that comes from relationships is that of your children. And theirs, and theirs, and so on and on. That is how love is eternal.

  A ten dollar charge is added for shipping and packing. Allow 14 to 20 days for shipping.

To purchase a painting and print, please use this link below. 

To purchase a print of the entire work, please use this link below.

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