ArtPrize 2011 Print 24

This particular project was one of my favorites of my entire career to date. The entire mural took about one week of hard painting all day and late at night. Each painting was painted separately on stretched canvas measuring 42 inches by 60 inches. All with standard house paints donated by Repcolite Paints, I painted to the pace of different types of music and sounds. All the works were done on my spinning easel with an audience of about a million. ArtPrize is a wonderful experience and an outstanding experiment for the city of Grand Rapids. I look forward to returning to ArtPrize 2012.

Grand Rapids City Scape, Number 25

  • There are two styles available of this work. All are of a limited edition printed of 100 and each signed and numbered by the artist, (excluding photo prints).
  • Each of the signed prints comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and will be archived upon purchase.
  • Prints will NOT have water mark in the final version.
  • Signed Archival Prints are limited to 100 pressed.
  • Photo Prints are not limited to 100 and are not signed.
  • Please check out the other painting made available to purchase from ArtPrize by clicking here.
  • You can go to my ArtPrize Profle by clicking here.

Available Print Sizes & Pricing (S&H included for orders in USA)

3 thoughts on “ArtPrize 2011 Print 24

  1. Im trying to purchase your print of downtown Grand Rapids…the signed one.But everytime I click add to cart nothing happens. I dont know what to do….I want that print!

    1. Being printed tomorrow. Thanks you for getting a print. These are pretty large ones and come rolled. When you get it, leave it in the tube until you are ready to frame it. Let the framers pull it out when they are doing their thing. It will make sure it does not get scratched.

      Thanks for helping out with my ArtPrize entry 2013!


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