ArtPrize 2011 Print 19

This is the most different of all paintings in this past year’s entry. The specific differences are it was NOT painted at ArtPrize this year. She was painted the year before when I was in Grand Rapids staying in my car fighting for my mural on the “S” curve to get done.

The winters in Michigan are like no other I have seen yet. I was freezing, but loving it in a primitive way. The paints did not like the cold though. I kept a space heater in my car to keep the paints from freezing. I was invited to set up camp at the Ice Guru studios by Randy Finch. He failed to mention that they were filming a Food Network reality show at the time. That is an entirely different story.

It was cold in the studio because they were ice sculptors.   I learned to paint and be happy painting in 35 degrees and it was better than the 15 degrees outside. So I worked in there for a short span of time while the mural was being cut up into windows.

Number 19 I got to know the crew of the show, and got to know some of the L.A. types. Very “straight to the point” people they are. If they are wrong or not, or drumming up drama, They get the job done. After all, it was a TV show.

This painting is what I have left from that experience in the winter of Michigan of 2011. I painted her alone at night with Morphine, Portishead, and The Books playing. Both awesome bands. I had a very large stereo and lots of room to pace about and fret over the mural being diced.

At the few times I was still and warm, I painted this painting. She seemed to say winter sleep, to rest. To dream about the Spring. To wake and be ready for the challenge left to the next season. And to be OK with that fact. Sometimes you just have to let it go.So I knew I had to bring her back to Michigan to be in ArtPrize this year. She was the link to the year before, and had to be shown. There are two styles available of this work.

  • All are of a limited edition printed of 100 and each signed and numbered by the artist, (excluding photo prints).
  • Each of the signed prints comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and will be archived upon purchase.
  • Prints will NOT have water mark in the final version.
  • Signed Archival Prints are limited to 100 pressed.
  • Photo Prints are not limited to 100 and are not signed.
  • Please check out the other painting made available to purchase from ArtPrize by clicking here.
  • You can go to my ArtPrize Profle by clicking here.

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  1. Hi friend,
    We need to figure out a time when it would be good for you to come out to Indy, event space is really starting to come together!! I love this one, speaks volumes to me, love your work- always have!!
    Let me know your schedule and I hope the warmth that love provides is filling your soul.

    Much, much love,

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