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This is so VanGough. I love the old red head. I can’t say all his work is the best, but i can relate to him. So every once in awhile, I like to throw down some style he has influenced in me.

The history of VanGough is sad, strange, and typical of “artists”. And there it is… The enigma of what an “artist” is. Over the ages, artists have made livings at art. Then this guys comes along and blows it. The single most common image in most people’s heads is the image of VanGough. Crazy, out of control, depressed, debted, sad, obsessive, and of course doomed to be poor till after the artists’ death. And that is just not true. However… traveling all over the country painting murals has shown me that people do buy the hype. They are in love with the idea that an artist is existing solely for the chance to share the deep thoughts of madness. Maybe it is because everybody wishes they had that chance to live so loosely. I have lived that loosely. It isn’t easy. And having many clients feel the need to allow you to sleep in the most peculiar places just because they say “He’s an artist.”. As if they are saying, “He is fine with less, so I don’t have to give him a share fair”.

Hard to explain, but the connection I have with VanGough is related to the fact that he has made a lifestyle expected by “true” artists. He never knew it either. So I live with the very troublesome burden of “suffering” for my art. And it has been a wonderful adventure I would never trade.

Art comes from all forms. Suffering, joy, pain, love, hate, success, failure, death, birth, etc.. Not just suffering. So I guess the reason I like to paint like VanGough is because it is fast. He painted for the simple fact to eat. and that is what I do. No real reason to share my thoughts or meanings to save mankind… just to eat. Right?

The music for this would HAVE to be John Williams. The music composer of the movies. he is one of my favorites, and his music makes me paint fast and furious like a train.

Number 17

  • There are two styles available of this work. All are of a limited edition printed of 100 and each signed and numbered by the artist, (excluding photo prints).
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  1. what’s going on mike long time don’t see ya! hey in a few weeks I will be looking to buy some art for my new place

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