Lincoln Mural Project

The city approved my designs and the mural project is underway. I am very excited about this project and what the final painting will look like.

Draft Number Three was approved by The Design Council for the start of the Mural Project.

Here is the first concept drawing for the mural going on the Alamo located in downtown Springfield , Illinois. For the first of three murals in this group, I wanted to start with a young Abe. In the woods around the Sangamon River. I imagine he would have been a huge lover of the outdoors. Often thinking about those woods while he was President. Still going down a river in his imagination.

This First Mural will start on the 17th of May. The completion date is set for The Taste of Downtown located in Springfield. Please do come by and say hello, check out the progress, and do give some input. I do not refuse any suggestion. That does not mean i will use it, but I will ponder whatever you throw at me! 🙂

To see all the Lincoln paintings I have made or are currently working on, please follow this link,

The paint I will be using is amazing. A paint first thought of by the Romans to paint their pillars and stone, then perfected and patented in 1863 for muralists to use. Specifically artists! To read more about the history of Vapor Permeable Paint, visit Keim’s website. I think you may find it as interesting a product as I did. I will have to learn how to paint a new way with this mural. I am stoked.

So far this project has been tough with the weather. we are past our goal date because the rain will not stop. Now the cold is just too much. But waiting on the weather to change can open up some time for editing and posting pictures from the project so far. Check em out….

Photo by Trevor Miller