Kiss a Pig Gala, 2013

I will be painting at the Kiss a Pig Gala hosted by the American Diabetes Association this season. I really enjoy these kind of auction events and always look forward to helping out with my work. For years to come, I hope to always have these chances to make such differences with such a simple donation as a painting done in font of an audience. I cannot describe the rush I feel from painting exposed and open with an audience seeing the “tricks”. More inspiring than words can carry.

Please come out and support the cause… or just follow this link below and help them out with some sort of donation. Any little bit helps…

Thanks again and I hope to see some of you there, but usually, my back is turned…. so you will see me before I see you. Look for the spinning easel and come say hello.

Pictured is the couple who purchased the painting and I never got their first names.

Update: April 11th:┬áHere is the completed painting above. A simple painting of a maple tree, done in a “seasonal” kind of way. I like mixing the seasons in one composition of a tree. This is Number 11 in a series of tree paintings. Prints of all the paintings will be made available soon.

A reminder… The next Gala I will be painting at is at The Crown Plaza in Springfield. Dates posted soon.