ArtPrize 2011 Print 6

This is classic Mayosky. My favorite painter is Gustav Klimt. If you look him up, you will see how he influences me in making small shapes into a bigger scenes. I will spend HOURS making small colour shapes into some sort of scene, (this one was a sunset originally), and it can be hung both ways, I do like having it vertically, but it can be hung horizontally too.

The music I had for this one was Jazz. I was able to make the rhythm keep me timed right to keep making the strokes match the beats. I would say I painted this one for about three to four hours. About 30 songs. Not much to this one besides movement in colour. I also wanted this one to match the texture and line of Mona’s hair, while still being an individual painting

Whoever gets this one? I would hope you are a Jazz lover and put it in a room for music and rhythm. It is also one of my favorite styles to paint, so it should always be recognized as one of mine.

Number 6

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