ArtPrize 2011 Print 18

Clouds. I can never say enough about clouds… they are the best example of all patterns possible in nature. they have smooth days, rough days, and everything between. All textures are there. All colors and all possible shapes… So if you master the textures in the sky as a painter? You can make anything.

I have not yet mastered clouds. being from Kansas City, Mo., I have seen so many kinds of storms. Tornados were just for fun. So as small child, I chased clouds. And will continue till the day I die.

I painted this the night before the storms came to ArtPrize. I could feel the summer leave and autumn replace the air with coolness.

I had Beta Band as the music for this one. Awesome music for daydreaming. I suggest everybody gets their album “HotShotz”.

Whoever gets this painting should put it in the sunlight of the morning. With the autumn colors in the trees at the bottom, and the coolness of the coming storm in the sky, the blue light of morning will bring out the color best.

Number 18

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