ArtPrize 2011 Print 15

This is another one of my styles. Since I started using an easel that spun the canvas, I have discovered so many ways to paint. I truly recommend all painters try to use one of these. It makes the paint come alive because of gravity. the force of the spinning and the nature of liquid, make each painting individual and original.

The music I had for this was mainly Philip Glass. If you have not heard him, you should. He is a composer of classical styled music. in fact., he tries all kinds of styles. He is highly recommended by me.

Number 15The night I painted this was one of the early nights of ArtPrize. the first weekend had not happened yet, and I was a buzz with thinking of all I had forgotten to do. Alas, the show must go on. I was up really late and a news team was out there at 4 am. I was the only one out there, so they used me in the backdrop of the shot. A good chance for me to get some exposure before the opening shot  starting the voting. was fired. This was the painting I was doing at the time.

It has a mix of organic movement growing out of order. It seems to grow out of the mundane placement of squares, and shapes and tones. I let the drips follow through with long slow turns of the easel. the temperature was low that night, so the paint could be worked for some ample amounts time. There is no real story besides just free thought. Free movement, (and the excitement of a large audience approaching in hours), and the best part of this painting is the chance to go for mystery in meaning. The people who saw this painting in the early morning newscast, had no idea where this was going to go. I liked that.

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