Corporate Murals

Over the past 20 years Michael has done private and public work based on his own ideas and visions. He has also been hired by several well known companies to replicate other copyright designs by other artists and clients. If you are interested in having Michael paint or design any logo or mural, duplicate pre-existing art, or advise on what your company can do with original art, please contact Michael or his staff at

















Michael has completed murals and artwork for TGI Fridays, Taco Bell, Mod Pizza, Founders Brewery, GFXI, Coco Cola, Duvel, Sherwin Williams, RedBox, and several more.

Below are several examples of current and past work.



An antique sign design for Taco Bell.
A faded sign effect for Mod Pizza


Fender USA
A painting for Fender
A contemporary design mural for Mod Pizza.