Turning off Social Media

This is a subject that most cannot do. Turn off and deactivate your social media. Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, etc… There are so many, and quite frankly, I am about tired of the confusion that comes with them. The confusion and drama started in one’s mind about a post to another, about a message or a “like” that was on some picture. It breaks my heart to see so many great friendships and relationships end and sometimes not even start because of these counter-intuitive mediums of communication.

I suggest to turn off the FaceSpace for a spell or two. It does wonders for your friendships with REAL people and you might just actually meet that special person without the filter of vanity and narcissism that is way to acceptable these days. I feel very saddened by the nature of what people use to judge each other now. That nature is of man, for man, by man. So it is fouled from the very inception.

Turn it off. Please.