Gearing up for an Adventure…

I am about to go on a very intense adventure. It will be my pup, myself, and my very ample and always trusted lift truck named Vincent VanGo. Although I am really at ease with my abilities to paint, I am a little nervous about the project. I am about to expel an amazing amount of energy and focus on one wall that will be a challenge in itself. There will also be a very critical and captive audience throughout the entire process. I like that energy though. I have never had stage fright since my first play in 6th grade. An audience is exactly what feeds the experience for me… it nourishes the growth of my work.

So I will be poised for some really great energy and work to challenge myself with. But something is missing. Something important. I know it is something inside me. In my world. I was looking, but I know not how or where to find it.  So I stopped, and it may just show up after all.

This “thing” that is missing in me is a passion I had hidden from myself for some time now. So much so, I almost forgot where I put it. Then you look for something else and you find the first thing you wanted but let go of seeking. Look for a sock, and find those keys you spent 300 dollars to replace two months ago, (that sort of thing). Well I believe I have found what I lost so long ago.

So now I will use this energy I recently discovered to create. I will let this inspired movement in me to use me as well. I intend to be symbiotic with the muse this time. Not her owner, and not her slave. I hope we work out very well indeedy.

So let’s make a good mural to last the ages that will be a gift for so many in my mind, but only to one in my heart.